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The secret’s out – workouts don’t have to be full of push-ups and high knee runs to see serious results. (Hallelujah!) The Barre studio movement has arrived in full force around West Michigan, showing everyone that tiny, pulsing movements that are hyper-focused or long fluid motions that are repetitive and centering are just as, or even more, effective than any boot camp. Using a combination of postures inspired by ballet, yoga, and Pilates, barre studio classes focus on isometric strength training (think fiery pulses) combined with high reps and small movements.  Spend a sweat session in any local barre class and we guarantee you’ll stumble out satisfied and ready for more. Here are our top 6 Grand Rapids Barre Studios worth checking out!

Studio Barre

barre studio

This girl walks into a barre…

That’s the catchphrase of this trendy boutique barre studio located in Breton Village. Think all of the fun and none of the hangover as the “barre-tenders” serve up roughly 5 classes a day focused on exceptionally effective and personalized barre workouts for all fitness levels. The musically driven 60-minute sweat session makes you dig deep physically while the energetic instructors keep you mentally “in it” until the end. Looking for a fun place to go with great music and a results-centered workout? This is it.

The Barre Code

barre studio

Live by the barre code and find strength in the struggle. We think this place has what it takes to become a GR mainstay and you will too when you visit the newest addition to the local Barre circuit. Located in historic Heritage Hill Downtown, the Barre Code’s signature class is a 50-minute session focused on lengthening and strengthening your muscles, incorporating the best of Barre and challenging you to the max. Beyond Barre, the studio also offers Barre-dio, a class that combines heart-pumping cardio movement with dynamic pulses to bring you the best of both worlds and Brawl, recognized by Self Magazine as one of the best workouts in the country! If you’re an old hat at Barre and you’re interested in switching it up and trying something new – the Barre Code is perfect for you.

Beer City Barre

barre studio

Who knew beer and working out went hand in hand? Located on Monroe in Downtown GR, this sweat centric class incorporates yoga, Pilates, and dance elements into a fast-paced workout. Pulse like crazy till fatigue, then ramp up your heart rate with large range movements to make every minute count. Low impact? Yes. Huge results? Oh yeah. Have fun with weights, balls, bands, rings and your own body resistance to create long, lean muscles while you refocus your mind for the week ahead. Beer City Barre’s first trial class is only $20.00, and you get the second class free! That’s $20 for two classes – a great deal for anyone interested in trying out the Barre method for the first time.

Pure Barre

barre studio

Tried and true, Pure Barre Grand Rapids is probably the most well-known of the Barre programs around the area. Located in Knapp’s Corner, this intimate and friendly studio offers approximately 7 different classes a day (that’s a lot!) and is one of the fastest, yet safest ways to change your body. Each class is similarly structured, focusing on warm up, arms, toned thighs, seat lifting exercises, core work, and a nice cooldown. It’s low impact, so your joints won’t feel it the next day, and helps you strengthen and tone without the pain. If you’re looking for a stable workout routine, that’s effective and fun, this is for you!

Alkalign Studios 

barre studio

Alkalign takes barre to whole new level, offering classes that focus on targeting strength, alignment, cardio and nutrition training to let you find your own dynamic life balance. They combine barre, yoga, Pilates, and nutrition consultation to offer a fun and well-balanced way to stay fit and have fun. A community focused studio located in Ada, they even provide a supervised playroom for children birth – 10 years, so busy moms can still feel grounded with a holistic health-focused workout.

The Dailey Method

Variety, that’s what comes to mind when we talk about the Dailey Method. A welcoming, purposeful place, the Dailey Method in Eastown starts with the basic, then ramps up to an action-packed, heart beating workout. Here, clients receive individual education and a hands-on holistic approach that makes a real difference. And who knew you could cycle AND practice barre at the same time? Their Daily Cycle class does just that, integrating elements of both into a well-rounded hour of power. For local moms, they also provide an infant and kids’ room, so you can get a workout in while your kiddos have a playdate. Win-win!

Get your best barre outfit out of that closet and hit the pavement to check out these awesome studios. Did we miss an amazing studio in your neck of the woods? Did you try a class? Let us know by commenting below. We would love to hear from you. Be sure to subscribe to GR Healthy Living for all our latest updates and health happenings in West Michigan.


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  1. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    Pure Barre also offers Pure Empower (cardio-centric) classes, as well as introducing a new resistance and balance class starting in October 2018 called Pure Reform. Think Pilates and Reformer…! Want to cross train under one roof? One class package or membership gets you all three varieties. Beginner? Check out Pure Foundations class.


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