Hi! I’m Marjorie, creator of GR Healthy Living–a fitness, wellness, and lifestyle brand. If you’re wanting to try something new & elevate your lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve lived in Grand Rapids for +10 years and love checking out new spots and sharing about my experiences. It’s evident that GR is growing and thriving, so I thought this would be the perfect platform to bring the community together while showcasing what’s out there.

Fitness & wellness have been a huge part of my life for many years, and I owe my sanity and amazing friendships to my endorphins and maybe a post-class margarita, or two. Without my workout buddies and someone encouraging me along the way, I would definitely feel a major void.

I post class reviews and studio highlights so you can learn more and determine if something is a good fit. I believe there’s a workout for everyone and I’m here to share the honest truth about them all so you can find your favorites without wasting any time.

I also host a ton of events, and this is an awesome way to check out a new spot, meet someone new, or simply ask questions. I’ve found that events are the perfect way to get involved and step outside your comfort zone.

As a former educator and a busy woman on-the-go, I understand the importance of maintaining a fitness/ self-care routine. Despite a hectic, exhausting schedule, I’ve always carved out time for myself and mental health. Life can be so stressful and I would seriously be a different person without prioritizing this part of my life.

I’m a natural skincare junkie, thoroughly appreciate being pampered, and always looking to refresh and zen-out. It’s the best therapy and keeps me positive, rejuvenated, and feeling my best.

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Let GR Healthy Living be your go-to resource for all things health & fitness in Grand Rapids and wherever my travels take me. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to reach out and say hi!