Brunch is a fabulous way to catch up with friends, get a little buzzed, and soak up the previous night’s bad decisions. But in truth, brunching can lead to unnecessary calories & hinder that ab definition.  So if you’re health-conscious, you’ll want to know where to find healthy brunch options when it comes to dining out for this desirable duo meal. That way, you can maintain your weekday goals and not feel like a sloth when Monday rolls around. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of farm-to-table restaurants and fresh options in Grand Rapids. So, here’s a list of the top healthy brunch spots, all with locally sourced food, that will leave you feeling satisfied and with a foodie post to brag about.

Marie Catribs

healthy brunch

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Located in East Town, Marie Catribs offers some of the best vegan and vegetarian options in town. With a retro, hipster vibe, this neighborhood cafe and bakery offers flavorful sandwiches & hearty stews made from scratch. Their breakfast options include guilt-free choices like gluten-free sweet potato pancakes and the vegan breakfast burrito (and also the “hitchhiker” to satisfy your carnivorous friends’ cravings).  This place is always packed, so prepare to wait for a table during peak times. Breakfast is served Monday through Friday from 7 am to 11 am, and brunch on Saturday from 7 am to 12 pm.

Cherie Inn

healthy brunch

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Cherie Inn is a charming, Parisian inspired eatery with a small-town vibe. The historic decor and intimate setting make this place a gem.  Their addicting hazelnut coffee is always hot and the servers make a point to keep your cup full.  Added bonus: it’s great for health nuts.  They have a separate gluten-free, vegan menu with a myriad of appetizing options. Try the sweet potato hash, granola-blueberry cakes, or egg white scramble.  Nestled in the heart of East Town, you’re in a prime spot to walk off those calories and check out a few local shops after brunch.

Little Lucy’s Cafe

little Lucys cafe

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Little Lucy’s is a fabulous addition to the budding Creston neighborhood. With a fun, hipster, and energetic atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with this adorable spot. Veg Crepe, Veggie chorizo, roasted beets, and breakfast bruschetta are just a few of their healthier menu options. Want to splurge a bit more? Try their mind-bomb vegan mac & cheese. Brunch your face off, folks!

Noco Provisions

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With a modern, upscale environment, Noco is quickly becoming thee trendy restaurant in Forest Hills. You can expect both high quality and culinary talent to show up on your plate. Whether you’re vegetarian or carnivore, the menu is original and refreshing. Try a granola bowl, avocado mash toast, the bird feed salad, or seasonal veggie hash–we’re hungry just thinking about it. And for those craving meat, we hear their burger is to die for.



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Terra is a stunning, spacious restaurant with beautiful decor. The soft, natural lighting, clean design, and wood accents are the perfect mix of modern and industrial. And their food is pretty epic. With all menu items sourced from local farms, you can expect a variety of tasty, healthy brunch options. Our personal favorites include the bubble and squeak, kale eggs benedict, and veggie omelet. If your crew is on the hungry side, they’ll be perfectly satisfied with the mushroom pizza.


grove Grand Rapids

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If you want a complete foodie and culinary experience, then you must check out Grove. This is the farm-to-table restaurant of your dreams. On top of the impeccable service, the food is seriously unreal. Grove also offers a separate vegan and vegetarian menu and with an incredible selection. Think chili deviled eggs, buffalo brassicas, and vegetable tacos–you won’t know where to begin. Added bonus: your plate will look like a work of art. Grove is on the pricier end, but certainly worth it.

Anna’s House

anna's house

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Welcome to Anna’s House, where 50’s diner meets millennium. The bright & cheerful decor, attention to detail, cleanliness, and fantastic food all make this place worth your while. Over the past few years, this place has grown in popularity, so expect a wait if you go during peak hours. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or carnivore, there’s a healthy brunch option for you to enjoy. Try the tempeh power bowl, quinoa crusted sausage quiche, or sweet potato and brussel sprouts hash. Take your coffee with almond milk head out for your Sunday ‘to-do’ without feeling that post-brunch guilt.

Nonna’s Trattoria & Pantry

nonna's pantry

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This cozy Italian spot has an inviting, charming, and European-esque interior. All of their dishes are light and flavorful, and if you’re a coffee aficionado, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy a French style omelette with fresh mushrooms and goat cheese, or avocado toast with Ezekiel bread. You also can’t wrong with other healthy options like their granola bowl or oatmeal. Overall Nonna’s offers a small-town atmosphere, yummy food, and friendly service.


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