GR Healthy Living - Grand Rapids Healthy Living Spot

Jenny Tanis Counseling & Yoga

Jenny Tanis Counseling & Yoga provides comprehensive counseling and yoga services, addressing the whole person and empowering you to become your best you.

GR Healthy Living - Grand Rapids Healthy Living Spot

Grand Rapids Natural Health

At Grand Rapids Natural Health we are committed to optimizing the health and well being of our clients and the greater Grand Rapids Community. We have created a collaborative and integrative team of practitioners who inspire their clients to restore all areas of wellness; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our team focuses on the whole person with an individualized approach, using the most natural methods possible. Our mission is to provide all the tools our clients need to restore health and sustain those changes for a lifetime.

GR Healthy Living - Grand Rapids Healthy Living Spot

Grand Rapids Sport & Social Club

Grand Rapids Sport & Social Club is perfect for the Grand Rapids’ youth, young professionals, and the “young at heart”.  We offer a unique opportunity to meet other physically and socially active individuals. Ideal for people who may have recently moved to the Grand Rapids area or just looking for a reason to get out of the house on a weekday!  From Dodgeball, Kickball, to Flag Football, everything we do is coed and super social.

GR Healthy Living - Grand Rapids Healthy Living Spot

FLEXcity Fitness

FLEX is an interval-based fitness studio blending leading techniques into a one-of-a-kind training concept. You get everything you need from FLEX without having multiple memberships to other places. We incorporate cardio, strength training and flexibility into each and every class. The intensity of our method and calorie-scorching 56 minutes leads to effective, noticeable results. Our customers look, feel and perform better within the first month of becoming a FLEXcitizen. Our team of passionate and highly-skilled trainers will help you reach beyond what you thought was possible. We continually develop and introduce new workouts and stay up on the latest fitness trends. This keeps our clients from getting bored, and constantly challenges their bodies and helps break through plateaus.

GR Healthy Living - Grand Rapids Healthy Living Spot

Fulton Street Farmer’s Market

The Fulton Street Farmers Market is the oldest and largest in Grand Rapids. When it was established in 1922 there were three other markets in operation: a large wholesale market located on Market Street by the river and railroad tracks, a smaller market on Cottage Grove Avenue on the Southeast side of town, and one on the West side of town by the river on Leonard Street.

GR Healthy Living - Grand Rapids Healthy Living Spot

Harvest Health Foods

When you walk in the door at Harvest Health Foods, you’ll be delighted to find our shelves filled with natural, organic GMO-free groceries, organic produce, quality brands of vitamins and supplements. You’ll also find latest, cutting edge health related products that meet our high product standards.  Complete your healthy lifestyle with healthy beauty,  body and home care.  Harvest Health Foods is proud to support Michigan businesses and you’ll find many local products on our shelves.

GR Healthy Living - Grand Rapids Healthy Living Spot

Sip Organic Juice Bar

At Sip Organic Juice Bar we are committed to using the highest quality, most local, sustainable ingredients available to us. We compost, recycle, and produce very little trash. We offer a 3-day and 5-day raw food detox, twice monthly. Stop in or check out our calendar for details!

GR Healthy Living - Grand Rapids Healthy Living Spot

Freshii–Grand Rapids

The Freshii Mantra

Let’s eat without regret.
Let’s love kale.
Let’s embrace quinoa.
Let’s try new things.
Let’s try unlikely combos.
Let’s eat things that are good.
Let’s eat things that make us feel good.
Let’s eat and sit.
Let’s be good to the Earth.
Let’s let the Earth be good to us.
Let’s Eat. Energize.

GR Healthy Living - Grand Rapids Healthy Living Spot

Little Africa

Enjoy a variety of traditional Ethiopian dishes served with injera bread. Also available are coffee, mango and guava juice, and spiced tea. Ask about specials or seasonal items.

A combo (three items) is recommended for a meal for one, but we do have an All You Can Eat special for our hungrier patrons 🙂

Sorry, we don’t accept credit cards. We take cash or checks, and an ATM is conveniently located in the liquor store across the street.

Hours are somewhat laid back. It never hurts to call before you stop over!