Potential-based treatment plans through natural, non-invasive practices – that’s the big idea behind Dynamic Essence Chiropractic Center. Located in Grand Rapids, MI, this place is pretty amazing. Focused on physical and mental well-being, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Britt seek to empower people to develop lifelong, self-sustaining habits that positively impact the whole body. They not only fix you, but they give you the tools to fix yourself – inside and out.  

Meet Dr. Lisa and Dr. Britt

Both Dr. Lisa and Dr. Britt are just lovely individuals. Their passion and care shine through in every interaction. They make you feel welcome and their adjustments are intentional and gentle. They view chiropractic care as a healing art, improving the health and function of the body as a whole. Functional chiropractic care helps increase the communication between your brain, body, and environment.

Chiropractic Services Meant for Everyone

Grand Rapids chiropractic

Dynamic Essence offers a variety of services for pediatric patients, athletes, pregnancy, and adults in every walk of life. No matter who you are, they stand by the 4 pillars of care:

Mindset: They believe your personal perspective and desire in your health is a direct reflection of your ability to be well.

Movement: They believe that dysfunction and destruction are directly related to immobility on many levels. Mobility, in your spine and body, enhance your ability to be adaptable and healthy.

Nutrition: They believe that eating and digesting clean, chemical-free food generates more efficient function and longevity. Proper chiropractic care enhances your ability to rest and digest.

Recuperation: They believe that executing the proper recovery techniques help you to recharge your battery, and this directly relates to your health.


Grand Rapids chiropractic

Dr. Lisa and Britt’s approach to care is multi-fold. Knowing that clarity fuels the momentum to health, they seek to assist, inform, and empower everyone. While you may have interacted with various chiropractors in the past, Dynamic provides you with effective adjustments based on a personalized treatment plan and tailored exercises.

Grand Rapids chiropractic

Here, the doctors stress the importance of mind and body connectedness, helping you achieve better overall health. And beyond regular appointments, the staff here are always taking care one step further by posting informative and helpful videos online. They also offer classes, such as meditation workshops, that take your health to the next level.

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Whether you’re an expert athlete, retiree, young child or with child, Dynamic Essence Chiropractic Center is the place to find positive change, balance, and relief. And honestly, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Britt not only know their stuff, but their friendly demeanor and caring spirit make you feel entirely relaxed and comfortable. They’re pretty awesome.

Get Connected to Dynamic Essence

If you’re interested in learning more about their approach to chiropractic care, visit Dynamic Essence online or contact them to set up your first appointment.

Transform your Mind, Body & Spirit with an energy therapy and nutritional cleansing session. Sam Kalawart is a Certified Energy Therapist & Nutrition Practitioner working out of her home studio, The Healing Space in Heritage Hill near downtown, Grand Rapids. This form of self-care, brings your wellness full-circle and allows you to strengthen your mind+body connection in a new way.

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Discovering Body Peace

After a high-stress job left her with facial paralysis, Sam used several natural modalities to fully recover within 21 days. Through her own health journey, she realized the power of an integrated approach with both nutritional cleansing and healing habits to achieve sustainable Body Peace.

For many women, eating right and exercising on a regular basis has become second nature. Yet they are still left feeling disconnected, anxious, chronically fatigued and burnt out. Energy Therapy works to address this missing link and bring your body back to its natural state of balance.

energy therapy

If you have tried every diet under the sun with no success it may be “life toxins” or “emotional tension” getting in your way. When mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges are standing in your way, they can block your progress and undermine your health.

If cortisol (our stress hormone) is too high, diet and exercise may not be enough to achieve weight loss which is why stress-reduction and creating balance in your life is KEY to your success.

What to Expect

During an Energy Therapy session, suppressed emotions are released from your body, which naturally lowers stress. It is a gentle and supportive method that supports the release of negative patterns and built up emotions of the past. This modality of therapeutic touch truly empowers you as you let go of what is no longer serving you and revitalize your mind-body connection on all levels.

energy therapy

Similar to getting a massage, you will lay on a table, fully clothed and faced up. Gentle spa music plays in the background as aromatherapy and light healing touch ensures a safe and relaxing state of mind. This is your time to completely decompress and be fully present in the moment. Emotional release during these sessions is common and welcomed. As the body purges emotional blocks you may feel strong emotions such as sadness, grief or anger released through tears. Most will stay in a relaxed meditative state or even fall asleep.

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Take Your Health to the Next Level

After the session, you will receive recommendations customized specifically for you. Because every aspect of our lives impacts the other, Sam look’s at strengthening not just your nutrition, but also your daily habits, self-care, stress, mindfulness and beyond to establish balance in both mind+body.

energy therapy

Sam gives you the same tools she used in her own healing journey so that you can become your own healer. You will deepen your own intuitive knowing to understand which foods, supplements, guided meditations, morning affirmations and healing habits are needed so you can thrive in all aspects of your life and achieve the Body Peace you deserve!

energy therapy

Learn More

If you are ready to deepen your own mind+body connection then click HERE to learn more about The Healing Space. Sam also hosts monthly workshops on Intuitive Eating, Natural Stress Reduction and more. She also leads Guided Emotional Release Meditations throughout Grand Rapids.

Follow Sam on Social Media for weekly tips on Intuitive Wellness & Nutrition!



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